Opinions II: Physics 308L

What I liked
At the beginning of the semester I was somewhat frustrated when trying to complete a lab because I felt the information provided on the lab was kind of vague and not very well organized. I would come into lab and have no idea what we were supposed to do. I felt this wasted a lot of time and could have been avoided by a briefing at the beginning of the lab. However, by being introduced to this situation I learned to be resourceful, adapt to different situations and make it work, which was a valuable learning experience.

Writing up the labs.  I truly felt that condensing the material into something clear for a public audience really helped me understand the concepts and procedures from the labs.

Alternative learning methods. It was nice to try to understand a method or concept alternatively. Even if I didn’t understand it at first, I was curious to understand it on my own in my spare time.

What I didn’t like
“ONS Success Story”
I didn’t appreciate the early conclusions of this course resulting in the model of a victory case for ONS.
Besides a few general questions asked in class or in lab, I don’t remember being formally asked specific questions about our thoughts on ONS. Although I did enjoy the alternative of an open notebook, I think the experience undergone in this course was specific to lab notebooks in a class setting but not necessarily supportive of the use of ONS for research.