Lab III: Twitter Initiation

This week the lab was replaced with a twitter experience. Since the course involves an introduction to open science, twitter is a part of the course.
The Initiation: We were asked to go to a physics colloquium and live tweet it. The colloquium, “Lightning: Physics and Protection Systems,” was given by PhD. Marvin Morris who has taken part in investigation on lightning safety at Sandia National Labs.
He started out by talking a little bit about the physics of lightning and the different problems it can cause, mainly explosions. Then he moved on to the different kinds of research on the nature of lightning and protection from it. The rest of the talk was on the investigation of the Sago Mine disaster. Here’s the link to the live tweeting shindig we had:!/search/realtime/%23pandatalks

It was a pretty neat experience. I think it’s the colloquium I’ve gotten the most information out of. Going back and looking at the live tweet I can admit how twitter can be useful for people who weren’t at the talk or just for reference.