Lab I: Installing git and github in my laptop

To set up git, I followed the same procedure as I did when I was setting it up in the lab computer. However, I had some problems adding the ssh key to github. The id_rsa file I opened didn’t have an acceptable key:

Fortunately, there’s other ways of obtaining the key (for Windows): Open GitGui. Go to Help. Go to Show SSH Key.

Something else that went differently was the creation of a repository. Since I had read in the ProGit book ( that a repository can be cloned, I figured I would try that instead of creating a new one:

However, I ran into some problems which I still don’t understand. I couldn’t find the README file in the directory it was stored in:

In the end I just followed the directions to create a new repository “Hello World2.” So now I have 4 repositories, which is sort of annoying and I’d like to get rid of a couple but I don’t think I can. Looking back on it, I should have just tried to find a way to somehow open and commit the README file to a repository I already had.